Vaughn Russell is family-owned and operated from our single location in Greenville, South Carolina.

For over 60 years Vaughn Russell Candy Company has treated the upstate to homemade confections. The store’s original owners founded Vaughn Russell in 1950. In those days, there was a candy store on almost every corner, especially up North. Today, the vast majority of confections are mass produced in factories. Making chocolates the old fashioned way is a lost art…almost. 

Billi and her team are passionate about time-honored recipes, ingredients, and techniques. Large scale production equipment requires additives like waxes. Mass quantity retailing requires preservatives and lower cost ingredients. The Vaughn Russell approach is uncompromisingly quality over quantity.

The Vaughn Russell specialty is gourmet chocolate. We offer a wide range of chocolate covered nuts, caramels, cream centers, truffles, and more. Our signature item is our trademarked Mint Pecan. A Georgia grown fancy mammoth pecan roasted and salted to our precise standards and hand-dipped in our unique mint chocolate coating. They are favorites at many a dinner party, wedding, and holiday gathering. They make their way all over the country as gifts. But they only come from one place- a little corner store in Greenville, SC.

Billi’s greatest joy (outside of children and grandchildren) is delighting customers. Stop by or order online to taste why some things will always be better “the old-fashioned way”.